Ratmocks & More (Vancouver, WA) Verified

Ratmocks & More (Vancouver, WA) Verified

Small Animal Accessories.


Prices start at $9.50 and go up.

Welcome to Ratmocks and more! I make pet Hammocks aka Ratmocks for small animals. I also make bonding scarfs/bags pet toys and more!


So Hi, Im Sarah. I love to sew! I started sewing in the 7th grade back around 2001-2002! My middle school had a sewing class that they offered. That’s where I learned how use a sewing machine!

Over the years I mostly self taught myself to hand stitch and sew different things. I have loved sewing ever since. I am still learning new things as I go as well.

RatMock, my mom and I made it up when we first started making hammocks while we had our Rattery Cali Critters!


  • Person Sarah
  • Address Vancouver, Washington
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