Sandy River Jewelry (Sandy, OR) Verified

Sandy River Jewelry (Sandy, OR) Verified

Handcrafted silver and stone jewelry.


Prices start at about $50 and go up.

This shop really started about 60 some odd years ago when my grandpa and my husbands dad were best friends. My grandpa was a rock collector and his dad was a silversmith. I have always wanted to be able to do something with my rocks that I have been collecting for years and my “grandpa rocks” so my husband and I made the leap to try our hand at making some jewelry. We got the equipment (already had the material) and gave it a whirl. We take uncut rocks, slice them, I trim them and then work them on the cab machine. My husband then does the silver smith work on each piece. We have found our mutual path. This is something we are loving, and are passionate about where this is going to take us. Thank you for giving our shop a look!


  • Person Alan and Heather
  • Address Sandy, OR.
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