Sparkle & Stones (Hillsboro, OR) Verified

Sparkle & Stones (Hillsboro, OR) Verified


Prices start at $6.95.

Sparkle and Stones raises your daily vibration by treating you to handmade products of luxurious beauty, fragrance and inspiring light!

Welcome! Explore energetically uplifting designs of gorgeous Soy Scented Candles, Wax Melts, Selenite Feather Smudging Wands, and handmade Stone and Crystal Jewelry. Each unique design combines the energetic properties of nature including stones, crystals, feathers, herbs, flowers and sparkle of course!

Discover the styles, scents, colors and magical stones you are most drawn to. You’re invited to learn more about how each handmade piece brings positive, uplifting energies and beauty into your life.

Sparkle and Stones is a woman-owned and operated business and LGBTQIA+ community advocate, partnering with other female business owners who support local women artists throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Uplift your spirits with gifts made of sparkle and stones! Indulge your senses with clean-burning fragranced candles, hand-poured in small batches, soy wax blend and wood cracking wicks. Adorn yourself in beauty and light with natural stone and crystal jewelry, highlighting the unique and magical properties of the stones.


  • Person Amy
  • Address Hillsboro, OR.
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