Grateful Edge Sharpening Specialists (Scappoose, OR) Verified

Grateful Edge Sharpening Specialists (Scappoose, OR) Verified

Hand-honed edges.


Prices start at $5 and go to $20 or up.

Here is our sharpening price list:

Knives any size

Standard edge for $5

extreme edge for $7

scary edge for $10

serrated edge for $15

Re-profile or tip repair ask for a quote


Household for $5

Sewing for $7

Hair shears for $20

Chisels & garden tools ask for a quote

We DO NOT sharpen saws or drill bits.

We are located in Scappoose, Oregon. With over 20 years of sharpening experience, we pay attention to every piece we sharpen as if it were our own.

We use state of the art hand operated equipment that removes a minimal amount of metal and produces a superior sharp edge.

Our knife pricing is based on edge geometry and finish. We also offer a mail order service for our sharpening as well as offering new and refurbished cutlery for sale. Contact Grateful Edge for more details.

  • Person Dennis
  • Address Scappoose, Oregon.
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